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Wisconsin Artisan: Alyssa & Anna Fine Art Jewelry

I came across Alyssa & Anna quite by accident while roaming around Instagram and was immediately impressed with their stunning handcrafted jewelry. When I spotted that they were also based out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin I just knew I had to share their beautiful designs. Enjoy!

Alyssa & Anna was founded by Alyssa Nguyen, named after herself and her sister Sav(anna)h. Alyssa, who is a fine art painter, and Savannah, who is currently a Mechanical Engineering student at MSOE, combine their skills and their family's long history of making jewelry, to create one of a kind pieces.

Raised by a father who is not only a goldsmith, but inventor of the Master Sizing Vise, a jeweler's bench tool sold through major retailers such as, Rio Grande and Stuller, Inc., growing up, they spent a lot of time around jewelry. Some of their earliest memories consist of sitting in his studio, sketching pictures of rings and studying gemstones. He taught them the mechanics of the craft and the importance of constructing a piece that will last a lifetime. Honoring that, the two sisters use engineering software to build the wax models of their designs, and strongly focus on the structure of the piece, how it works, and how it's made. For as long as they can remember, all they've ever wanted to do with their lives is create and it only seems natural that jewelry design would be an art they'd pursue. With the belief that every woman deserves the love and magic that comes from custom jewelry, Alyssa & Anna was born - handcrafted, fine jewelry that is as unique and extraordinary as you are.

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